What is a Designated Driver and why you need them

What is a Designated Driver?

The very foundation of our WAV community, our Designated Drivers are a team of dedicated drivers responsible for ferrying you and your car to your destination. A Designated Driver is someone you can reach out to to assist you with driving, picking up and parking your car whenever and wherever you need it. Be it after a good ol’ Friday night out or a work day gone way past your nine-to-five, our Designated Drivers are available all with less than three taps on your mobile devices. Rest assured, our drivers are all well-qualified with a valid license of two years or more and do not hold any previous disciplinary driving record. So, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Why use a Designated Driver?


Leaving on an overseas trip? Get to the airport in style and in the comfort of your own car with WAV. Just fire up the WAV app, get yourself a Designated Driver and you won’t have to worry about unnecessary cab fares, overnight charges or hefty fines.


Living in a fast-paced city, there are times where the unpredictable may happen. A regular dental appointment turn mini operation, a sudden fall, or anything that would keep you away from your beloved car. However, with WAV, you won’t have to worry about leaving your car behind. Just fire up the WAV app, get yourself a Designated Driver and you’ll be escorted home, pronto.


Trust us, we know the hassle of having to fumble around for your wallet and then fish for cash, which is just as painful for you as it is for us. Fret not, as WAV offers a cashless payment gateway where your fair is automatically charged to your credit card the moment you and your car are home safely.


Late to work and unable to find a parking lot? Let our friendly Designated Drivers do the job for you. No, not your work, but efficiently dropping you off at your office and then patiently scouring the premise for a vacant lot. Not only do you save time on having to maneuver your way through endless parked cars, you’ll get extra snooze time on the way!

How to get a Designated Driver?

To hook yourself up with one of our Designated Drivers, all you have to do is launch the WAV app on your mobile devices and request for a driver. WAV auto-detects your current location and with just one tap, we will search our network for available drivers near you.

WAV will proceed to contact all available drivers and refer you to our nearest available driver. With that, you will be assigned a Designated Driver.

Our drivers will then scoot over to your location. And you will be on your way home, safe and sound in no time.

WAV is a mobile app that connects car users to designated valet drivers seamlessly to help get you and your car home safely. The app is available on the App Store and Play Store.