WAV for business

Do you find yourself having to deal with never-ending taxi claims at the end of every month? If you do, get ready to bid farewell to all these additional paperwork with WAV’s business plans. At WAV, we understand the horribly tedious task of scrutinising pages of receipts thus, we have put together a flexible yet affordable system of business plans for companies looking for a way to make business-related transportation cost-effective and hassle-free.

With our business plan, you won’t have to work your way through every employee’s claims. Plan and pay for a transportation plan for the whole company in advance with WAV and we’ll handle the rest for you.

Buy time
Take a break. Throw in a quick power nap and get comfy in the backseat of your car as we drive you to your next meeting.

Be productive
Have too many tasks on your hands? We’ll take the wheel for you while you work on your proposal or get that last minute practice before your pitch in the car.

Client servicing
Take your client out for dinner without worry. We’ve got your back with our designated driving services that’ll get you and your client home safely after a cheers-full night out.

Two-way ride
Have a slew of overseas business trips decked out? Our designated drivers will get you to the airport and your car back in a snap.

With our carefully curated business plan for your company, you will be able to manage every detail to suit you and your company’s needs. Talk to our sales team to find out more today!