Transportation just got easier. From ferrying you to parking your car, our designated drivers are always on the go to assist you whenever and wherever you need.

Why WAV?


Drove to drink? No problem! We can get you and your car home safe and sound.


Struggling to meet deadlines? Make the most out of your time in the car while we control the wheel for you.


Spend more time with your family and friends and leave the driving to us.


Finding a vacant parking lot can be a nuisance. With WAV, our designated drivers will do the driving and parking for you.


Got a flight to catch? Save on unnecessary cab fares and overnight charges as we drive you to the airport and get your car back, pronto.


Unable to attend to your regular pickups? WAV will fetch your kids from school and return your car back to you.


It’s always a hassle to service your car. Get WAV to deliver your car to the workshop and pick it up for you when it is done.


WAV allows you more time for sleep. Let our drivers drive you to and from work in the comfort of your own car.


Bringing you from doorstep to doorstep and your car from lot to lot, think of us as specialised car babysitters.

Why WAV for business?

Does your company require a fair amount of WAV services?
And then in comes the trouble of reimbursements at the end of every month?

Explore the world of designated driving with our affordable yet flexible business plans at WAV. Our reliable service will also help your employees clock in that last minute pitch practice session in the car.

Want to learn more about WAV Business? Get in touch with our sales team.

And that's not all. Thought of another way to utilise the WAV app?
Let us know and we will fulfil it for you!
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