How to become a Designated Driver

Looking for a way to earn some cash while on the go? Then, being a designated driver may just be the job for you. A designated driver is someone who assists other car users with picking up, driving and parking their cars whenever and wherever they are needed.

Why be a designated driver?

Work in a fun and welcoming environment where flexibility is key. At WAV, you create your own schedule. Drive whenever and wherever you want, any time of the day, any day of the year.

At WAV, you can choose to either be a freelance driver or a part-time driver. As a freelance driver, you work on an “own time, own target” basis and get paid for every trip you make. As a part-time driver, you’ll be working shift hours, starting at 9pm and ending at 5am, depending on the day, at a fixed salary of $7.50 per hour. If you own a car or motorcycle, you can also choose to be a pick-up driver, whereby you’ll receive $6 for every passenger fetched.

Being part of our WAV community will not only allow you to grow your savings but also as an individual. As you meet customers from all walks of life and backgrounds, you’ll be able to interact and build up your social skills. You’ll also be able to put in some networking and maybe meet your potential employer, a new friend or even your soul mate!

How to be a designated driver?

To drive with WAV you’ll have to be 21 years old or more and a valid Class 3 license of two years or more without any history of disciplinary driving record. We welcome all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). All drivers would be required to undergo a training session to better understand how WAV operates.

To start driving, you’ll have to launch the app on your mobile devices. Request a Job and select your availability either as a valet or pick-up driver. When you have accepted a request, the app will navigate you to the passenger’s location. WAV provides e-scooters for drivers as a fun and economical mode of transport to get to the passenger’s location. The e-scooters can be rented from WAV at $100 for a month. Once the trip starts, the app will show the directions to the designated drop-off location.

Track your earnings easily after every trip. At the end of the week, we will calculate the summaries of your earnings and transfer it to your bank account.

Be a WAV driver

We are looking for fun, reliable and dedicated drivers. Think you have what it takes to be part of the WAV community? Book an appointment with us at and you’ll drive your way to success in no time!